"Cobie"- your robot butler!

Do not miss to meet their COBIE, the first Robot serving food in Singapore, and one of the smart Food Serving Robot in the World.We at Cali Café & Bar have always believed in serving to our clients, customers, and others with the best of services in food & beverages industry.Try Cobie, your robot butler.
cobie image

About Cobie

Cobie uses driverless technology and has sensors to prevent it from knocking into obstacles. It was also calibrated to deal with the infrastructures in the hotel. It can even ring up the phone to the customer to inform him that food has arrived.

Let us understand the features of “Cobie”

Serves food warm until delivery.

Serves food to the hotel rooms.

It can call on to the customer’s phone and inform about food.

It understands the infrastructure of the hotel.

And preventing collision with a human or a material object.

How Cobie Works?

  1. First, you select the room number by typing on the screen.
  2. Then you load food into compartments of the robot.
  3. Wait for few seconds for the information to be processed and off the robot goes delivering the food to hotel rooms.